Veeram securities limited share price

Veeram Securities: This stock has surged 290% in a Year

Veeram securities limited or VSL is engaged in the business of ornaments and financing activities. It has four manufacturing units in Surat and Mumbai. Nowadays Youtube videos are floating which claim that Veeram Securities have a short-term target of Rs 180 and a long-term target of Rs 625. Yes, you heard it right, the share price of Veeram Securities ltd is Rs 40 so, it can increase by a whopping 450%.

share price of veeram securities
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This stock is giving a chance to multiply your money by 4.5x in the short term. I know your excitement level is at its peak, so keep reading this blog to see if it is a multi-bagger stock or just another scam for retail investors.

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The Pandora VSL deal

VSL is the top jewelry manufacturer in the country. According to news, it is planning to open 10 mega outlets in Europe in partnership with Pandora, the world’s biggest retailer of ornaments. And the good news is that they get approval from World Gold Council for the same.

As there is a lot of demand for Indian jewellery in the Europe market so the profits and thereby the share price of Veeram Securities is expected to skyrocket.

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The margin in the jewelry business is 15-20% which is simply brilliant. VSL can expect to get a profit of 75-80 crore from one outlet out of which 50% of the profit will get to the company so, the company can possibly earn a profit of 400- 500 cr in a year.

Talking about the fundamentals the company does not have any debt which is a good thing. The promoter holding is more than 50% which shows the confidence of the promoters in the company. The biggest news is that FII has also bought the stakes in the company. The well-known FII called Nomura Singapore limited has bought a significant stake in the company.

Should You Buy This Stock?

Although I recommend you to be aware of such penny stocks because as retail investors we are the last person to get any news. In the above video, the only good thing about the stock is covered which smells fishy. This stock can be another pump and dump scheme so, do your own research before buying such stocks. Happy investing, safe investing!

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