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Top 6 Stock Market Websites You Should Know [2022]

As a beginner in the stock market, the first thing after opening the Demat account is to buy the stock. Most of the time we buy the stock because our favorite stock market gurus bought it. In this blog, you will know the best stock market websites in India.

Moreover, excess information confuses us exactly where to research the stock. The Digital revolution has made it super easy for a retail investor to study the company thoroughly. Most beginners lose money in the stock market. Hence analyzing and investing in fundamentally strong stocks is very important to protect your capital.

1. NSE India

It is operated by NSE India which allows anyone to analyze data related to the various companies listed on NSE.

As companies are bound to show their annual and quarterly reports, you can get all of this information on this website. NSE is the best source for quick financial news, upcoming IPOs, board meetings, and other important metrics require for investing.

2. Money Control– The Best Stock Market Website

It is one of the best stock research websites in the world of investing. Apart from providing fundamental analysis, moneycontrol has a lot more to offer. In spite of many irritating ads, the quality content makes it India’s best website.

It is continuously adding new features which make it a more useful top stock research site in India. The advantage of using Moneycontrol on the daily basis is you won’t miss single financial news.

It allows users to read profit and loss statements, cash flow, and various financial ratios. Traders, as well as investors, can take benefit from this website.

Most of the features are included in the free version but if you wish to go deep dive into the stock research then its premium plan is simply best.

3. Screener– The Easiest Stock Market Website

The UI of is extremely clean and easy. It is one of the simplest websites for researching the stock. You can create any ratio as per your need. In addition, you can create different kinds of screens as per your predefined parameters.

Everything is arranged in such a way that any beginner finds no issue with Screener. You can compare your favorite company with its peers by selecting parameters like sales growth, profit growth, ROE, ROCE, and many more.

You can find the company on the basis of your terms in no time. The best part about the screener is most of its features are free. Hence it is one of the best websites for stock market beginners.

4. Economic Times

This website covers everything related to the stock market. Also, it is one of the best resources to see the latest news about any activity in the market. Similar to the screener it also offers all-around information which is useful in identifying the quality stock.

If you are the person who wants quick news on the stock market then it is the best site

5. Chittorgarh

Nowadays, the hype for IPOs is on another level. Chittorgarh is the best website which is specially designed for information related to IPOs. It is the one-stop destination to read reviews and recommendations on IPO.


It is one of the best websites for trading in the stock market. offers a wide range of features. It can be used to create a watchlist of your favorite stocks so that you don’t need to check stocks from thousands of stocks. The technical charts are arranged in proper ways which makes trading a little easy for beginners.

You can check from the operating profits of the company to the RSI, MACD, and many other important indicators for analyzing the stock. Its feature like the stock alert is very helpful for traders to buy and sell the stock without continuously staring at screens.

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