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Top 5 Tips To Become a Big Bull Like Rakesh Jhunjunwala

“He was not a big bull. He was a rare lion on Dalal street whose josh could revive the confidence of even a dead man”. – Vijay Kedia.

The whole investing world and the youth of the country remained shocked when they heard that India’s big bull would never roar again.

He died on the 14th of august this year and left his net worth of 40,000crores to his family.

Today he is no more with us but his investment quotes will continue to guide the youth who aspires to do something big in the stock market.

Ramesh Damani, the dearer friend of RJ and a well-known investor, says he was such a patriot that if you take out the blood of RJ’s body, you will find the tricolor flowing in it.

It was difficult to believe in India at the time of the Harshad Mehta scam, the Kargil war, 26/11 attack. Yet he was bullish on India when no one was!

No one can argue that Rakesh Jhunjunwala was the man who taught Indians to be bullish on India and its stock market.

He was the only billionaire in the world who had earned humungous wealth only through the stock market. He compounded his wealth by 53% making him the world’s most intelligent investor. Why do we compare RJ with Warren Buffet when they can’t be compared with each other?

Warren Buffet managed the fund and also ran his business but Rakesh Jhunjunwala was the only man in the world who had earned his whole wealth only through the stock market.

Some Glimpses About the Big Bull’s Life

  1. Never shy to speak about what he feels
  2. A good friend- Yaaro ka Yaar
  3. Never hesitates to share his knowledge or his portfolio with anyone
  4. He donated 25% of his wealth at the time of the pandemic.

Investing Secrets Of RJ

1. Bet Big on India

Rakesh Jhunjunwala used to be the most positive investor in India. He always used to think India has something different than its peers. No doubt today China is a superpower but he was very confident about the growth story of India.

You may call me a fool, you may call me anything, I may not live to see it but I can tell you one thing – India will overtake China in the next 25 years.

Rakesh Jhunjunwala

Youngest population

India is the youngest population in the world with a median age of 29 as we have an excellent young population so our companies will have skilled laborers. The young population can prove to be a boon for the country if it is utilized in the right direction.

GDP Expansion

India’s GDP in 1950 was INR 95bn, in 2022 it is INR 236 billion. Ramdeo Agarwal, a well-known investor, says that even if we grow at the same pace one can make good money in the stock market.

But everyone knows that the potential of India is a lot more. Reports suggested that India is all set to become the 3rd largest economy only behind USA and China.

2. Loss is inevitable

Prepare for losses, Losses are part and parcel of an investor’s life. “Put your ego aside from the market, accept your mistakes and book the losses”, Rj firmly said in many of his interviews.

A new investor should make small mistakes and pay a small price. But in real life opposite happens, youngster takes very high risks with 0 or very less knowledge and ends up losing all of their capital.

Talking about Rakesh Jhunjunwala people know his success story but don’t know that he is also a failure. He always says,”Gaon hum ko shana samajhta hai, hume malum hai hum kitne gadhe hai”.

3. Invest in the right assets

Investment in real estate:
In 2004, Rakesh Jhunjunwala sold the shares of Crisil and bought a flat worth 27 crores with the same money. He sold the house for INR 45 crores but if he did not sell the crisil shares and held it he could have made a whooping 700 crores plus the 50 crores of dividends.

Most of the population of our country put their money in banks and hope that they will become rich one day. But the truth is that the banks give 3-3.5 returns which can’t even beat the inflation i.e. 6%.

So, invest in the right asset which can give good returns for a long time to create wealth.

4. Take advantage of uncertainty

The future is not clear as the stock market. Take calculated risks because “Risk is the essence of life, if you don’t take it then you are nothing”.

Uncertainty is the best time to invest in the stock market as you can buy stocks at cheap prices. It is far better to invest in the time of distress at reasonable valuations than at good times with premium valuations.

When everyone was negative about the 1989 budget of PV Singh’s government, it was Rakesh Jhunjunwlala who took the call and don’t sell a single share when everyone was panicking.

RJ was right the government presented a good budget and the market witnessed the biggest rally. Rakesh was handsomely paid for his belief in the Indian stock market at a time of uncertainty.

5. Courage to buy and patience to hold!

” Go with your conviction and stick to your investment” advice Rakesh Jhunjunwala to the young investors. If investing in Titan was luck then holding it for 20 years is patience and intelligence.

He was confident that Indian women are fond of jewelry so much and that the jewelry market in India will boom in the future. So, he saw that there is a big opportunity for Tanishq(a subsidiary of titan) to capture this untapped market.

Rakesh knew very well that in order to create wealth then one has to be patient. His journey from RS 5000 to 40000 crores is a result of courage and patience.


Rakesh Jhunjunwala will always be remembered as an enthusiastic, energetic, and realistic investor who was always positive about the Indian stock market. Do not forget to share this blog with your friends and help them to understand the dynamics of the stock market.


What was RJ’s yearly income?

The yearly income of Rakesh Jhunjunwala was 1120+ crores.

When Rakesh Jhunjunwala died?

He died on the 14th of august 2022 due to sudden cardiac arrest.

What was RJ’s networth?

His networth is estimated to be 40,000 crores.

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